Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided answers to a few questions we know you might ask. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

OjirehPrime card is a prepaid card that is not connected to your bank account, can be used on the ATM, POS, Online and is accepted globally.

  • ● Secured with chip and pin technology for enhanced protection of funds.
  • ● Denominated in your local currency.
  • ● Valid for 3 years
  • ● It's linked to your mobile number

To request your OjirehPrime card kindly click here or speak to our Customer Support Team on +2349069144499

  • ● Your Bank is connected to your bank account but Ojirehprime card is not.
  • ● OjirehPrime Card gives you access to Quick Loans

  • ● Cash Deposit, via any bank, any branch
  • ● Via Quickteller (Select Pay Bills, Search "Fund my verve card" then follow the instructions).
  • ● Via USSD (coming soon)
  • ● Via our Mobile App (comming soon)

The card activation process can be done via an ATM. your Ojirehprime card comes with a default PIN (Personal Identification Number) and you are required to change your PIN before your card can be used for any transaction. Kindly note that your PIN is not to be disclosed

A monthly service fee of ninety-nine naira (N99) is required on your card.

You can immediately block your card from the mobile app downloaded in your phone or call our support team on +2349069144499

Unlike cash, if your Prepaid Card and it's lost or stolen or damaged, your money can be recovered provided you block your card