The IEO Hype Is Real & It’s Not A Scam, Although Bad Apples Can Never Be Avoided

According to CoinSchedule, 2019s new wave of hype known as Initial Exchange Offerings has already raised $180m even in the midst of a brutal bear market. This would have made sense if we’re in a massive bull run again but remember we’re in the midst of a bear market! Human nature is unbelievable, I did not expect this hype!

Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara says that IEOs have the potential to get bigger than ICOs, which bloomed in 2017. This is possible as IEOs are an improvement to ICOs, but I sure hope the growth is more gradual rather than the crazy ICO hype all over again.

The benefit of IEOs is the vetting process by exchanges that want to ensure their users invest in quality projects and they abide by the law, as well as the immediate liquidity projects receive. I think in the short run, smaller short-sighted exchanges will list bad quality projects and get negative press for the IEO industry, however over time the quality and responsible exchanges will build a reputation and the projects listed on their platform will succeed.