When I first started using cards to make payments and purchases, I didn’t really know the first thing about what are the differences between prepaid cards vs debit cards so I decided to do research about them and share everything I’ve learned for everyone who felt as lost as I did!

The main difference between prepaid cards and debit cards is that a debit card is connected to your bank account but a prepaid card is not. This explains the reason why it’s easy for hackers to break into your bank account from your debit card. The most outstanding point about a prepaid card is that it limits your exposure to risk so even if you fall victim to hackers, you know your bank account is secure. Prepaid cards provide you with a convenient way to make payments and purchases without necessarily exposing your bank details.  The use of prepaid cards is on a fast rise and thanks to brands like Ojirehprime Financial Services Limited who are at the forefront of championing the use of prepaid cards.   But do you really know the differences between your regular bank card and your Ojirehprime card? To help you understand them better, I’ve gathered some extremely helpful information for you.

So… How Different is your bank card from having an Ojirehprime Prepaid card?

Firstly, your bank card is connected to your bank account so it’s easy for you to fall victim to fraud but your Ojirehprime is not connected to a bank account: meaning your risk is limited

Secondly, Ojirehprime helps you control your budget. I am sure you remember instances where you bought things you really do not need all because your bank card was with you. Imagine. Thirdly, your bank will never give you the opportunity to refer users and make money, but with Ojirehprime, you make enough revenue not just from your referrals but from the activities of your referrals. Fourthly, you can not walk into any bank to fund your card but with Ojirehprime, you can walk into any bank to fund your card and finally among many other reasons, your bank account requires your BVN and ID card but Ojirehprime requires just your name, mobile, and address.

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