About OjirehPrime

OjirehPrime Financial Services limited is a Fintech startup committed to providing alternative banking services to the over two hundred and thirty million unbanked Africans Providing alternatives to the regular bank card for the urban dweller who does not want to expose his/her bank cards during online transactions. Providing access to soft loans Leveraging on blockchain technology to provide a decentralized approach to identity management.

Problems & Solutions

Africa is home to the world’s youngest and fastest-growing population, the continent is urbanizing more rapidly than any other part of the planet. Africa’s 1.1 billion citizens will likely double in number by 2050, and driving financial inclusion is key to the economic growth of Africa.


Unbanked Africa

An estimated 230,000,000 Adults in Sub Saharan Africa do not have a bank account and documentation and proper means of identification have been recognized as the top two reasons responsible for this. On the contrary, the percentage of adults with Bank accounts avoid transacting online for the fear of falling victim to card fraud when they shop online.


Driving Financial Inclusion

We are offering a prepaid card that leverages on your mobile number as the unique identifier, can be funded from any bank, not connected to your bank account does not require any means of identity except your mobile number and accepted globally.


Unbanked Africa

Online businesses struggle in Africa because of the high number of unbanked Adults. “A case study of Nigeria reveals that an estimated 72 million adults do not have bank accounts because they do not have the required document to secure a bank verification number called BVN”


Driving Financial Inclusion

With Ojirehprime card we will drive financial inclusion in Africa. This will leapfrog Africa from a developing continent to BECOME the Africa of our dreams


We stay committed to innovating our way with well-defined road map

26TH November, 2016
Launched our e-commerce platform (www.ojireh.com) with a faulty Samsung tab with no office, logistics or funding
3RD December 2016
Received our first order
20th January 2017
Moved into a shared office
28th Nov 2017
We observed 96% of our customers made payment via online transfer. So we sent a questionnaire to all our customers asking why?
5th Dec 2017
All 52 customers responded with the same answers “sorry we cannot expose our card details"
18th Jan 2018
Incorporated the company with one million ordinary shares as Ojireh Versatile trade solutions limited
21st Jan 2018
After a one-week brainstorming session, the raw idea of Ojirehprime was birthed
1st Mar 2018
We opened talks with switching companies, banks, card manufacturers etc
15th Mar 2018
Paid for the production of the first batch of five thousand (5,000) cards
25th July 2018
We decided to separate both companies and float the card under OjirehPrime Financial Services Limited
1st August 2018
We completed set up of Advisory board
8th August 2018
We closed a partnership arrangement with wishknish ( a washington based blockchain startup)
5th December 2018
Received award as top 100 emerging SME brands in Nigeria
3rd January 2019
Partnered with Ericsson Nigeria on co-branded cards and raised shares to 100,000,000 ordinary shares
21st March 2019
Launch new website and complete application process for PSSP License
1st June 2019
Start private sale of token
30th June 2019
Launch Mobile Application
1st July 2019
Start Pre- sale of tokens
1st September 2019
IEO Public Sales
1st December 2019
Launch OjirehPay

Powered By A Team

OjirehPrime Team combines a mix of passion, strong leadership, industry expertise, a deep hunger for innovation & proven record in finance, development and marketing.

Edoka Idoko
Founder / CEO
Apeh Jonathan
Chief Technology Officer
Kehinde Ajayi
Chief Marketing Officer
Afolabi Akinbo
Chief Financial Officer
Richard Adieze
Head of HR/ Product development
Ochanya Igah
Head of Admin/Finance
Adewale Shotobi
Senior Software Engineer
Kehinde Eniola
Community Support


Mohammed Mousa
Co-founder/CEO RedCab LLC. Egypt
Sheik Ahmed Haiba
Principal Partner Molex. New York
Michael Kapoor
Co-founder/COO Wishknish Washington
Seyi Tinubu
Chairman/CEO Loatsad Promomedia Nigeria

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